Air Conditioning Water Leaks Ruin Ceilings and Floors!

Help Prevent Expensive AC Water DamageAC Water Leak

with the NEW Easy Klear™

Drain Line Clean-Out Valve.


Homeowners Can Now Clean Their AC Drain Lines with a Shop Vac

Easy Installation!

EasyKlear 3-Way Drain Line Clean Out Valve


*** Algae Tablets Can Also Be Dropped Into Bottom Cup of Valve

for Continuous Drain Line Maintenance ***


Complete Service for Air Conditioning Drain Lines

Easy Klearis a patented three-way cleanout valve for central air conditioning and refrigeration condensate drain lines. Its unique design allows for easy access to clean out clogged condensate drain lines either upstream toward the unit or downstream away from the unit. It allows access to get at clogs that may be wet vacuumed, and not allowed to be pushed down the line to cause future damage. The clog may also be blown out using intermittent nitrogen or CO2 charges.

Removable cap allows access for shop-vac cleaning, or 1/4" flare allows access to blow out clog using CO2 or nitrogen charge.

All sanitary sewer systems have a clean out, doesn't it make sense to have one on the air conditioning drain?

In the past, when ceiling damage or carpet damage was the result of the A/C drain pan overflowing, the service technician would need to cut the drain line and blow the blockage downstream.

The blockage was moved, but not removed.

Now now, If an Easy Klearis in the line a shop vacuum can be used to remove the blockage.


Cut the drain line one time.... never again

Air Conditioning Condensate Line Clean Out Valve

Easy Installation Instructions Included

Easy Klear™ offers a unique feature not available in any other product. The valve stem can be in a closed position either upstream or downstream, leaving the hollow stem available for accessing the end of the drain line containing the blockage. A shop vacuum can then draw out any debris in the line.

While the evaporator coil is being washed with a coil cleaner, the debris from the cleaning can be intercepted at the how valve stem of the Easy Klear™ and removed. This will help prevent future problems caused by the trash being sent down stream during cleaning.

It just makes good sense to have an Easy Klear

New high efficiency equipment improves your system's energy consumption. Saving money on your energy bill is important. However, spending money unnecessarily on ceiling and floor damage can be more costly that the energy savings from the high efficiency equipment.

Isn't it better to address the problem before it occurs?

  • Clean out the drain line upstream and downstream

  • Wet vac the drain line

  • Blow out line with nitrogen or CO2

  • Great for Vertical (up flow) A/C units

  • Easy Installation!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. We have regularly scheduled maintenance service on our air conditioning system. Do we still need to have an Easy Klear installed?

A.  Yes, the air conditioning technician does his best to clean the line, however, without the Easy Klearmost technicians will "blow out" the line. The problem is that this just moves the problem downstream. Easy Klearprovides better access for proper removal of the blockage.

Q.  How long does it take to install?

A.  Most technicians can install the Easy Klear   in 15 - 30 minutes. It will then be available for the lifetime of the system. Homeowners that are handy can install it themselves.


EasyKlear 3-Way Drain Line Clean Out Valve

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Installation Instructions Included

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